Well, here we are at dog camp. It takes too much time to upload a video to YouTube. I’m trying to do a short one, but it’s slow going. So here is a picture of Chase in the lake. We’ll see how long this takes to upload.

Anyway, camp is a blast. I’m too tired. Herding has been off site this year. We get three trainers and the rings are much bigger. They are awesome trainers. They gave me some great ideas for Levi to bring home and to get him to drive. He was doing good. We even had him out on 20 sheep (ask him, he will tell you there were thousands of sheep) and he did really well. It’s a bit hot for him, though, and so he’s not as enthusiastic as he would be in the cooler weather.

Chase got to herd yesterday, but they think he is more retriever than BC. Still not sure about that, and I’m tempted to get the DNA test on him. But we’ll see how it goes.

Back at home my husband is taking care of all the collies we got in from Houston. He is doing an excellent job. He’s such a great guy, I’m lucky to have him.

I am freezing I need a jacket! The days have been warm, the nights cool, just right!