I want a good flyball harness. Anyone know where to get one? I really like some styles… I like the Puppia Harnesses, but they are too small for Chase. Maybe one would fit Tatum, though. I want a harness for her because her martingale collar worries me. She could sleep it, it’s a bit large for her.

I haven’t seen any really nice harnesses out there that don’t rub under the dogs arms. Has to be a Y-Neck. If you know of any please let me know as I really want to buy a couple of them. I have mushing harnesses for Chase and Levi when we jog, but they are not really all the secure and I wouldn’t use one on a dog I had to make sure would not get away.

I have been taking Tatum out front on very short walks a couple of times a day. As confident as she is now in our house and yard, she is still nervous outside in the front yard. So slow short trips, but I need a harness for her… and I also like having some home lighting outdoors. It’s going to be getting dark early soon, and a bit of light helps!