Okay, I’m slowly admitting to myself that we are going to keep Tatum the Tater Tot Terror. I took her, Wednesday evening, to an informal training some of the girls have in a local park. I want her to get used to different situations. She will, in time. It will take time. I want her to know that everything is safe, and I don’t want to push her too hard. But I want to push her a little bit. So finding the balance is key.

And she recovers really well after our excursions outside. Wednesday she was cautious for about 45 mins. She let people pet her fine, though she doesn’t really respond to people (the only thing that is not ideal about her). She responds to dogs better. But that’s okay, we will build our relationship as slowly as she likes. She loves dogs, and after 45 minutes she was letting go… and then started playing with Daniel, a cattledog friend of our. So I put her on the 30 foot long line and let her go and romp and do her bunny rabbit dance.

So she really settled in, which was great. I guess the professional trainers would not let her have much dog contact, they would recommend I leash her to me and spend lots of time bonding with me. But I couldn’t do that. I’ll let it come in it’s own time.

This evening I get a break, everyone is chewing bully sticks and they are being nicely quiet. I’m watching my Friday evening TV shows… Gonna go watch Flash Gordon.