Well, according to Tatum and Bianca, shoes are definitely for chewing on! You just gotta love Bianca’s face in this picture, don’t you? What a silly smiling girl she is, all happy with her shoe. These are my husband’s shoes.. and you know we are nutty about dogs when the first thing we do when they get our shoes is to take a picture. Instead of taking the shoes away.

It was just so cute. I’m pretty sure Tatum got the first shoe, and Bianca the second shoe. Such beautiful girls. Don’t worry, I took the shoes away from them and replaced them with an appropriate toy. But you know, things that they can’t have are so much more interesting.

And oh my gosh… how cute! Tatum and Bianca were playing, and then sitting with each other, and then Tatum started to howl! Such a pretty, clear soft howl. Wow.. I love to hear dogs howl. My only other dog that will howl is Levi.