The topic of this post reminds me… I better check my email to see what time it starts in the AM… UGH… UGH UGH UGH it starts at 8am both days! Man. How come these things can’t start later. Say, like 10AM? That would be so much better for me. That way I could sleep in. Well, attempt to sleep in, anyway. Ms Tatum wants to get up every day at 6am. We have been working on this since we get up when I say, not when she says.

Anyway, I’m just cranky with PMS and I don’t feel well, so I want to sleep a lot, and I haven’t been able to. I love sleep it’s how I cope.

The Obedience Seminar should be fun. Saturday I am auditing, and Sunday I am bringing Chase. We should get some good training ideas!