I enjoyed the seminar this weekend. The days were too long, and yesterday, Saturday, was rainy, even snowy, and too cold. We moved indoors in the afternoon because it was pouring rain and even snowed. It was still cold, even with 5 layers of clothes on. I couldn’t find my winter jacket. Hrmph.

Chase did really well. He only worked today. We got some good tips on his heeling and his dumbbell. He doesn’t like to hold the dumbbell, I just have to work it some more. We also got some tips on when he won’t release his toy. He gets into high drive and does not want to let go. We’ve tried letting the toy go slack, pulling up on his collar, waiting him out… nothing has worked. So we have now resorted to the flank pinch. It’s not really a pinch, but it causes his mouth to open and he lets go of the toy. He doesn’t much like it, either. Hopefully that’ll convince him to release that toy even when he is high.

I brought Tatum today, too. She did super. It was too long of a day for her, though. We left around 4pm, and people were still there. She sat in the car most of the day, but we did some socialization with the dog people, with a dog around her because she is more comfortable with another dog. She sat with me ringside for about 20 minutes, too. She was taking and eating chicken, so that was a good sign. She just needs experiences, everything is so new to her. It was too stressful for her, she came back home and had diarrhea and then threw up. But she’s been playing her bouncy rabbit play with Bianca for a little while. Now she has settled down. She needs sleep and to rest and recover, and she’ll be fine.

So now I’m home watching Numbers and relaxing. It was a long weekend. I’m so glad I don’t work tomorrow.