I’m going to send in Tatum’s pictures for ILP. I believe her official registered name is going to be Tatum Tot Spice. To stay in line with the Spice theme started with Angel and continued with Chase.

I’m bad at names.. I’ve been considering changing her name to Pixie, which I really like… but I think it’s a bit too silly. And even though she is a silly sprite, I’d like her to have a more intelligent name, which Tatum seems to be to me. So we will leave her name as is. It’s a unique name, which I like. And it seems to fit her, and she already responds to it.

And of course this shot I had to post here, because what a cute head tilt that is! When I separate her from the other dogs she remains shy. She doesn’t like it when I walk up to her. I wanted to get a good stack on her but my Husband is playing WoW and cannot be disturbed. ๐Ÿ™‚ but I think these are good shots anyway. She does seem to have a straight front, but many collies do. I think her back end is fairly nice, though.

Good for agility, flyball, obedience and herding!