I’ve started jogging again, and taking Chase and Levi with. Chase loves jogging. We don’t go even close to far enough for him. I might take them to the park today… Sugarhouse Park, to see how that goes. We need a change of scenery and it’s only about 5 minutes from our house.

Well, I need a change of scenery. The dogs just like to sniff everything, and pee on everything.

Eventually I’ll start swapping out Tatum and Levi to go jogging. Tatum has much more energy than Levi. But Levi needs the exercise to keep his fitness and endurance up. He’ll be 8 next month, so in the next couple of years he might slow down to the point where jogging for 4 or so miles will be too much for him. Tatum, however, is young and I’m not sure that her growth plates are even completely closed, so she won’t be going for a little bit.