I’m sad today. I just found out that Sammy, one of our foster dogs from the spring, passed away last week. He had cancer. He was such a wonderful boy. I feel totally responsible that I placed him not knowing he had cancer. But talking to a good friend whose cat passed away a few months ago… she put much money and tests into the cat and his cancer wasn’t discovered for a long time. I guess sometimes cancer is pretty undetectable.

Cancer scares me. I like to hope it’s easier to detect in humans, but I’m pretty sure that is not the case. It’s such an awful disease. Humanity really needs to find a way to eradicate it.

Every dog that comes through our house also comes through my soul. And each of them takes a piece of my heart with when he or she leaves. But I don’t mind a bit of my heart going away, because somehow I am more full, more enriched, with each missing piece. I love all the dogs that come through our house and I wouldn’t trade getting to know them for a zillion dollars. The dogs are so much more valuable than money, it’s not even in the same league. I’d rather be poor, and know these dogs than rich, spoiled, and never having experienced their wonder, joy, and amazing souls.

Though of course I’d like a zillion dollars, and do more rescue with it. 🙂

So sad day. This weekend should be happier, since I’m going to go do flyball and then agility the following weekend. I won’t have a radar detector with me, but I don’t usually speed.