Our flyball weekend was awesome. Chase had a great time and did wonderful. The name of his team was Thunder Paws Swift Step. Our seed time was a bit slow for the division we were in, but would have been a bit fast for the other division. So we didn’t win many races. But on Sunday we did come in 4th place.

Our other two teams did great. Thunder Paws Don’t Blink tied for first with the Utah Tail Blazers in their division. However the Tail Blazers won because their time was faster. We were happy to take 2nd!

It was Chase’s first tournament, U-FLI, and he got his Top Flight pin, his TF level I, TF Level II, and even his TF Level III! He ended the weekend with 1060 points! And he had such a great time, he loved it, and did really well! And his Mom was even figuring out passes. 🙂

I have only one video uploaded to YouTube so far, I’ve embedded it below.