The funny thing about our pack is how the dogs all get into a pattern and it’s hard to break it. For some reason everyone piles on Lucy when they play, and they ignore the other dogs. It might be because she is pack marm and Angel started it. When it was just the three, Lucy Levi and Angel, Levi wouldn’t play (he still doesn’t, much), and so Angel would play with Lucy. Then when Chase came, he picked up on this and he, also, started to play with Lucy. Now when another playing dog comes to visit, still Chase and Angel go after Lucy.

They really don’t play too much… after breakfast they wrestle some. Angel and Chase will play tug, but Angel really is getting old, the poor girl. But Chase has needed a playmate because he does love to play, and Angel is getting old and Lucy doesn’t last very long, like maybe a couple of minutes.

So finally we got Chase a playmate. I’ve been saying for a while now that we need a border collie to keep up with our border collie. But thank the gods Tatum fell into our laps, and now we have a collie to keep up with our border collie.

This morning I separated Levi, Lucy and Tony upstairs and brought Angel, Chase and Tatum downstairs. And I am overjoyed to say that Tatum and Chase played for a good fifteen minutes. Chasing each other around, wrestling, and having fun. Angel tried to join in but she’s a bit slow. But that’s okay, she had fun too. Tatum’s tongue was very long toward the end. Yay! Chase wanted to continue but Tatum was getting tired. That’s okay, we will be building up her endurance… just want we need, Tatum with more energy! LOL. But if Chase plays with her too, in addition to me and training, it will be wonderful.

It is a holiday for me today, no work. 🙂