I always liked google. Really.. liked their search engine, liked their AdSense, liked their whole idea and they were just fun.

Well, I no longer like Google. I’m posting this to get the word out, and to express my frustration. Google had decided to change their Page Rank, and it seems all blogs that sell link ads on their blogs now get a big whopping Page Rank of 0.

So I’m no longer using the Google Search Engine, and I’ve removed all Google ads from my sites. Sorry Google, if you are going to screw bloggers, then bloggers are going to screw you. Now Page Rank is, actually, totally meaningless. Instead of it being a semi-decent measure of the popularity of a web site or blog, now it only states what Google likes and dislikes.

There is a new ad banner on the top of this site. I hope it will interest you with some of the things it shows!