Tatum is dead tired today, but in a good way, and she hasn’t launched herself at anyone yet! She is sleeping next to me on the couch pushing at me with her feet.

She came with this morning to the park, and I brought Levi too because he doesn’t seem to get out very much recently. We chatted with a friend then we walked by the skate park area. There were a couple of little kids and their parents on skateboards going up and down. Tatum was afraid of them, so we just stayed for a little while. I wanted to get her out and experience different things.

She is getting so much better, though, and I’ve gotten a number of compliments on wonderfully she is doing now in public, and how much more relaxed she seems. I think I’m going to start taking her out more on her own, it’s just about that time and I think she’s ready for it.

Also, Jezzi came to flyball today too! She was our foster from a few months ago. She is such a great girl.

So far we don’t need any assisted living software for us or our dogs, but maybe someday we will. πŸ™‚