I need a better dog training to down time balance. I am dead tired today. Yesterday I went to puppy class in the morning and flyball in the afternoon. Was going to do obedience in the evening but we had a Thanksgiving party to go to so I went to that. Today I did more obedience training and it was a ton of fun, we went to a great place. And now it’s down time. 🙂

Anyway, Tatum did really good at puppy class. My trainer said that I need to be more of a leader with her. If I am not, and I baby her like I have been doing, and lots of people baby her, then she’s going to think that all humans are just idiots. LOL. So I am being more of a leader and taking charge and she seems to be responding well. In things like when we go for a walk, instead of coaxing her along and babying her, I just go, and expect her to come. And she comes with.

She is learning her mat very well. She is not quite offering a sit yet but she is learning to. I got her do to a fold back down a couple of times without her backing up too far. We are going to work more on that. She loved playing with the three and four month old puppies in the class. That was her favorite part. We went on a walk over a pedestrian crossing over a very busy 4 lane road, and that scared her. Traffic, I have found out, scares her. So we need to go walk by the busy street every day for 2 minutes and get her over that fear quick. Fortunately she won’t need any drug rehabilitation to get her over that fear!

She is coming along nicely! She is such a cute smooth sable collie girl. I got lots of comments on how pretty she is. 🙂