It is sad, but true. Our sweet girl Angel who we adopted in March of 2002 is really slowing down. We didn’t know how old she was then, and we still don’t know how old she is now. For a while we were guessing she was about 8, and for many years she seemed to just stay 8, so I was hoping she would just always be 8 forever. But now that is not going to happen. πŸ™

She is probably about 11 or 12 now, we are thinking. She still plays with Tatum and Chase, but she lays down a lot, is having a harder time going up and down the stairs, and likes to stay out in the cold more. Which is kinda odd.

It doesn’t matter how old she is. She came into our lives skinny and with a broken leg. She is now fat and happy (not really fat lol) and has warm beds to sleep on and fun walks to go on, and she spent many a night in our canvas tent on camping trips. But still.. I hope she has many years left with us.