Today it is snowing. And not just a little bit. It is dumping. It’s gorgeous as you can see. I was going to go to the USDAA agility trial (I am not entered) and work with Chase and socialize Tatum, but I don’t want to make that 20 mile drive in this kind of snow. Hopefully we can go tomorrow. No flyball for a while, now, since there is too much snow on the ground. We won’t be seeing any wedding flowers for a while.


The smooth collies have all been out playing in the snow, Tatum most of all. She has been soaking wet all day. I don’t think she ever saw snow in Texas (do they have snow in Texas?) and she was outside playing with anyone who would stay with her. Chase and Tony, mainly, though not at the same time. It was very cute to see her so wet!


We also did some training this morning with the collies and the border collie, and things are going so well! Lucy has found her calling. She thinks Find The Peanut Butter Under the Spoon is the best game in the world. Too bad she still limps off and on, doing Utility with her would be very fun. Well, she can learn a lot of it anyway. Chase did great with his spoons. And Tatum, I have realized, needs fewer spoons. Just two for now. Later we will add more. Obedience is a lot of fun to train. It is so challenging, and in a good way. We are using spoons to start training the Utility articles exercise where they have to sniff out the right dumbbell with my scent on it. It’s quite fun to do.


Tatum is really loving the mat work. I lay down her mat and she knows to go on it and she gets a click and a treat. Success! Something she likes to learn, and she is really starting to get the clicker training. Her sits are also good. Her spoons are okay, and we haven’t done much with wait yet. We need to work on that. We also practice targeting to a lid with a treat on it. I’ll need to get out a jump (if they thaw) and have her jump to a target.

So this is a good snow day all around. The dogs all chewed some bully sticks, and now it is rest time.