Well our tree is up. First time we have had a live tree… ever. I used to get potted trees and plant them in the backyard at my old house. Since then we have had, and still have, an artificial tree. But for some reason this year I really wanted the smell of a real live cut Christmas Tree.


Tatum is wondering why on earth we put a live tree in our basement. She’s been poking her head in it most of the night. She is very curious and very cute, the silly collie girl.


Then she laid next to it and gave me a head tilt pose which was very cute indeed! Right now I see the branches moving again… as she noses around. Oh, and as soon as we had it downstairs Tony decided that he needed to mark it, and so he did. Goof. We had to clean that up first, fortunately it was just a little bit.


And I got to put up our stockings, too. I still have this one for Kip. A lady who adopted Ajax, a big white greyhound rescue we placed many many years ago, made this stocking for Kip. Isn’t it darling? It looks exactly like him. I wish I was so talented and could make these for all my dogs.

Not sure if you can see, but there are no lights on the tree, and there are no glass ornaments either. We worry about the dogs and the cats, so only collie and kitty safe ornaments are up on the tree. If they get chewed, oh well, we know the risks. We’d rather have the dogs safe than the perfect tree.