Well we did a lot of dog things this past weekend, kept us busy and we had a lot of fun. Saturday we had the huge snow storm and that kept us indoors. Sunday there was too much snow on the ground, about 10 inches, so no flyball for a while and that is sad. Border Collies like flyball!

Anyway Sunday I took Chase, our border collie, and Tatum, our smooth sable collie girl, up to a USDAA agility trial in Farmington. We were not entered. My ankle is still causing me problems and we are taking it easy for a while on the trialing. But anyway, Chase and Tatum did super.

Tatum got a lot of socialization and it was her first experience at an agility trial. We only stayed for about 2 or 3 hours. She walked around and got to say hi to other dogs, play her with cattle dog boyfriend Daniel, and meet lots of people. And all the people had yummy treats, go figure! 🙂

I wanted to see how Chase was doing paying attention to me in a ring with no treats. He is doing better! But still not perfect, especially in the agility barn. So on went the heel stick and the treats on the end, and he heeled great and paid me attention and did all the rally signs. A practice rally ring was set up.

There was ASCA obedience going on at the same time. They don’t have much help with obedience it seems, so I’m going to ring steward for the next UKC trial that comes along. I am really enjoying working on obedience. It is such a challenge! Different from agility and we have needed some different. And since we have the best trainer in Utah, we are having a lot of fun doing it.

Monday we went to Willow Creek and rented a training room with a couple others. I got there early and worked Tatum some. She is so afraid of traffic, we are working on that. But she knows her mat! She loves going to the mat and getting a click and a treat. She’ll go clear across a room for it. I am so glad she has learned how to learn. And Chase did great, too. We are working Open and Utility exercises in addition to Novice obedience. And he is doing really well finding the peanut butter under the spoons. 🙂 Obedience is a lot more fun than drug rehabilitation!

Well, back to work for me.