Yes I am glad it’s Friday! Woot for Friday! I am looking forward to a mellow weekend, only a little bit of dog training and some laundry to do.

Anyway found this Meme and I thought I’d do it about the dogs.

What are,…

1. the last 4 books you have read?
The last, or my favorites? Hrm… Well,

  1. the book I am reading now is Control Unleashed, but a lot of it is what my obedience instructor already teaches me.
  2. Also I read Stardust (listened to it on CD).
  3. Also my favorite dog books are Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
  4. and If Bones Would Rain From The Sky by Susan Clothier.

2. the last 4 websites you have visited?

  1. Sacred Paws
  2. Flyball Blog
  3. Johann
  4. Lone Black Spider

3. 4 favorite items of clothing?
Well, I’m going to do this for the dogs because I know what they like to wear…

  1. Chase likes to wear his seatbelt because he knows he gets to go out!
  2. Levi likes to wear his coat because it keeps him warm.
  3. Chase likes to wear his chain martingale because it means training.
  4. And Tony likes to wear leashes of all kinds because he gets to go for a walk!

4. 4 favorite things to eat?
For me the human, Chocolate of course!
The dogs’ favorite things to eat include:

  1. Pig Ears
  2. Bully Sticks
  3. Dinner (raw or kibble they like it both)
  4. Liver for treats

5. 4 favorite movies?

  1. Tatum likes any move that has dogs barking… she liked Tin Man and the little dog that barked!
  2. My favorite movie that I just saw was Enchanted, wow, great show!
  3. All the Harry Potter movies, of course.
  4. The Princess Bride, though I’ve seen it so much I can recite it all by heart.

6. 4 favorite books?

  1. Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
  2. The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller and Jean Donaldson
  3. The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell
  4. Don’t Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor

7. 4 favorite TV shows?
The dogs watch what I watch… so I’d have to say they like them too!

  1. Moonlight
  2. Blood Ties
  3. Stargate Atlantis
  4. Heroes

8. 4 things you ate yesterday?
Well yesterday I had too much food. The dogs always say they have not had enough! The dogs ate…

  1. Avoderm Kibble for Breakfast with Cottage Cheese
  2. Raw deer/turkey ground mix with Volhard NDF2 for Dinner
  3. String Cheese for Treats
  4. They wanted pig ears but didn’t get any.

9. 4 things you need to do today?
Today is not a busy day, thank the gods. Let’s see…

  1. Take Tatum by some traffic so she gets used to it and doesn’t flee
  2. Work on Chase’s spoons for obedience
  3. Work on Levi’s heeling as he has been getting bored lately
  4. Oh and I should get some work done, too. 😉

10. 4 gifts you want during the holiday season?
Well I don’t want much, but the dogs want a lot!

  1. More Pig Ears!
  2. More Bully Sticks! Dang I’m running out too…
  3. Soft Comfy Dog Beds
  4. Walks, agility practice, obedience practice, clicker training.. and more!

Friday Fun Meme