I love how Chase is a good tugger. He loves toys more than almost anything, and he loves tug. Using a game of tug as a reward is so nice, and gets him into higher drive, too.

Tatum loves to play, but she is shy about playing with toys. She will kinda grab them for a minute but not for long. I need to get her used to the treat pouch tug that we have, and encourage her to tug more. I think for her it may be a dominance type thing where she is not so sure about tugging with me. She is starting to tug more with Angel and that is good, too. Gotta get her drive up and her playing up too.

Anyway I really love these round toys made of rubber called Hol-ee Rollers, but the dogs are not too crazy about them. So I really want to create this to be a favorite toy. I have two of them, they are great for tug, they are very tough, and if they get left outside in the snow and freezing rain they still survive an don’t even have to be put through the washing machine like tugs.

The smooth blue collies are not big toy dogs. Angel is the most, but she is just our companion dog, not a sports dog. So now I have to learn how to make a toy fun and exciting, and interactive with me. For Tatum.

What I really want, too, is an Alley Oop, made by Gary Wilkes. But apparently they have been discontinued. I sent them an email seeing if maybe they will make them again, or if they have any left. What a great targeting tool it would be! And it never falls over, it’s made to stand straight up. I wish they still made them.