Okay so I had a private lesson with my obedience instructor last night, for Tatum. I am so happy to say that Tatum is really coming along well. She was hardly frightened at all. She checked out the training room… she has to, because she has had so few experiences in her life that she needs to explore a little to get to know the world.

We discovered that she really does love to play tug and chase a toy! My obedience trainer just knows the tricks. She tied a treat pouch onto a long line and threw it around. Tatum was in heaven! So Tatum has some big space issues. She doesn’t much like people in her space. She just never had that happen, and when she did people were catching her and dragging her around. So we worked on having her between us humans and feeding and stroking her. So she doesn’t like to play tug close up yet, she likes to play tug further away from us humans. That’s okay, now that I know I will put some toys on a line and teach her some fun tug!

I have to write all this stuff down or I forget. I have notes up in my bag. I also am going to feed her closer to me. For some reason I lean toward the dogs to feed them treats, habit. And they don’t have to get close for a nice tight front. So that is something I have to change about myself. Also, she taught me how to get a nice rock back sit for Tatum. To scoot her back feet up and lean into the treat. I do want to do obedience with Tatum, before agility, and so getting these little skills in early is so important! And she is so smart, and just like rechargeable batteries she keeps going and going!

It was a great lesson and I’m looking forward to working these things with Tatum. Tatum really is relaxing a lot more. She was so shy when I first got her, but now she’s starting to explore the outside world and even check out people. She is such a good girl.