I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we refer to our companion animals. It has become main-stream to refer to our dogs as our kids. Or our pets. And we call ourselves their Mom and Dad.

It is true that we care for our animals like we would human children, and we love them just as much. I am not so sure, though, that I want to be considered my dog’s ‘Mom’. I would rather have another word that signifies guardian, playmate, benevolent leader, and, in fact, equal. I believe that humans and canines are equal, we all evolved from the same stuff. We have equal value and emotions and lives. We just look different and think different. So, I want a new word to signify all these things. I don’t know what it could be, though. And I do not like the word ‘pet’ and you won’t, usually, see me using it. Pet to me is akin to slave, or something that is a lower form of life than a human. And I disagree with that entirely. I will say, instead, companion animal.

Anyway, change of subject (though I like to have one subject per post, this will be quick) in dog training and clicker training, the general idea is that you don’t add the cue until the dog knows the action. Well, my obedience trainer disagrees. And I am tending to agree with her. Because Chase has an awful problem of offering me behaviors. This is because I lured his sit and down, and rewarded him when he offered them. Now he offers like a mad man and I don’t want him to! So I am going to lessen that with Tatum, though she does, since she is more shy, need to do some offering because it will help her confidence.