Okay I went to have Angel’s and Tatum’s toenails trimmed by our Thunder Paws Flyball Captain, and of course she sent me home with a practice flyball box. 🙂

It’s sitting in my front room and I haven’t, of course, used it yet. I want to really find out what I’m doing with the darn thing. Chase needs to get higher up on the box. She has taught her Jack Russel to bounce off the wall, literally! I think that’s an awesome idea. I need to get a carpet square or something and put it on the wall, then have Chase do that. Once i show him how, I know he’ll have no problem. That will get him WAY UP on the box, which is what I want. And without a jump prop in front.

As for Tatum, I don’t know, yet, how to start her out. I want to start her out right. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I have some ideas and I’ve gotten help from my team, and I’m always open for more ideas.

Links to box training:
Shoot Training
More Shoot Training
Swimmer’s Turn
Flyball Training Manual

— I don’t get the Shoot… how does the dog change from the long ramp to doing a swimmer’s turn off a short box?