Two of the most critical things for Chase to learn at the moment.. before he goes into Novice to get his CD in Obedience, is the Stand for Exam and Heeling.

The Stand for exam is so hard for him. Hard, because he loves people! Which actually says a lot for him. When he was found in the parking lot of the pound in Utah County, he would approach no one. He was afraid, and that is why they named him Chase. And when he came to stay with us, he wouldn’t come to us either for a long time. Now, it’s hard to tear this boy off of a person. So probably he liked people, but was too afraid.

Anyway so the Stand for Exam is hard for him because he gets all wiggle butt and wants to say hi to the person approaching him. Well, my obedience instructor came up with a great solution! He knows a perch box, he loves putting his feet, front or back, and he’ll offer either or both, on a box. So we have him do that, I put him in a stand, stay, walk away, and the examiner comes and touches him.

Wow! Giving him that perch box to put his feet on is helping already! He now is learning this is an exercise, instead of just people saying hi and petting him. Already, after only doing it a half a dozen times, he’s getting it!

Also his heeling. It is coming along. When there is a treat on the stick he heels beautifully. He doesn’t understand to keep watching me, though, when the treat goes away. So we are working on that, too. I am working a Look command with him so he can sit and look at me. And I will transfer that into the moving heel.

Training with him on Monday was a ton of fun. His Go Outs are also doing very well, he’s starting to spin and sit. I didn’t write about this before because I was still stunned.. well, you can read my post from Monday, I am trying not to think about it anymore. Sometimes I just want to look at hot tubs, buy one, and sit and relax and blog. Can you blog from a hot tub? They need to make waterproof laptops.