Well, we didn’t see any collies other than the three who I brought. But they sure had fun! I took Tony, Tatum, Levi and Chase to the dog park. They ran and ran and played and played and had a great amazing time.

Tatum was shy the last time I took her, but this time she wasn’t shy at all. She even did her silly prance play with a man! That made me very happy.

And we saw Kibu from flyball. Chase was excited to see her and wouldn’t leave the poor girl alone! I hope Chase’s feet weren’t hurting him, and his coat is so thin now.. I need to knit him a sweater that goes all the way under him. When Tatum’s is finished, I’ll see how I did and if it’s good, I’ll make Chase one too.

I bundled up in boots, long coat and warm hat. Left my wholesale fashion jewelry and my cell phone at home. I should have brought the cell phone with, I think. It was cold, but not too bad when we kept moving. And Chase was panting, so he must have been warm enough.