Earlier I posted about having a green dog. And I will admit, I haven’t yet done much to go green. However, I have been looking around the web to find places where I can buy products that are green, environmentally friendly, and I’ve found a great site that has a lot of good items.

Green and More has a huge selection of eco products. In addition, they have a learning center with a large number of articles to help us with going green, how to do it, and information about the current state of the world and how products we use are hurting our environment.

They have a green blog as well where we can read about recent green topics. And information about the products they carry. There is also a members area where employees and customers can share their experiences.

The company also ‘lives green’ and follows it’s own ideals by using green products inside the company. They use recycled office products, they don’t use plastic, and they use 100% recycled cardboard.

They even sell cat litter… but I don’t see any poop bags yet!