Do you play Chase the Dog at your house? Most dogs love this game… where they get to run and you chase them all over the place.

As a general rule I don’t play Chase the Puppy. The only dog I’ve played this game with is Angel. Mostly because she gets so very excited. Her ears go back and she wiggles her whole body. She grabs clothes out of my closet, usually a sock, and runs and I chase her. She doesn’t destroy the sock.. but even if she did, they are cheap dog toys. 🙂 She has so much fun. She usually runs out the dog door to get away from me. But then she comes back in again for more fun. Levi will even chase her an nip at her, getting in on the fun.

Tatum so wants to be chased. Our collies don’t really play that much. Chase the border collie plays with her some, but doesn’t chase her around like she wants. So last night I started to chase her in the house.

Oh boy, she loved that! She put her ears back and her head down, just like Angel does, and got all excited and wiggly!

And so now, if I continue playing Chase the Tatum game, we will have to establish some rules. When I want her to come, she’s still gonna have to come. We will not play Chase the Tatum in the back yard when she needs to come in (we have never done this and she runs right inside when I open the door, all the dogs do).

I especially worry about her getting out and running away from me. If this happens EVER, we will stop playing Chase the Collie. Unfortunately, since I watched that poor little Iggy get hit by a car, now I see flashbacks of it, but I see my dogs getting crushed. Especially Tatum, for some reason. It’s being very disturbing.

But I cannot live in fear. I want to live in joy and love. And so we’ll see how this goes. 🙂