Dogs make me feel safe. I like having big strong dogs… always have. Sometimes I toy with the idea of getting a small dog, but for some reason I always gravatate toward the larger breeds. Not huge… not the Mastiffs or the Danes (though I love Danes and would love to have one sometime), I like 40ish pound dogs the best. Which is, I guess, medium sized.

Although I feel more secure with my dogs, in the house and out, I would not consider them a means of self protection. First and foremost, even if they were defending me from an attacker, I would assume they would be held accountable for any damage they would cause anyone. And that I will prevent with everything I have.

I do go jogging, sometimes walking, and so I tried out some self defense products for myself. The ones I tried, and really liked, were 2 pound hand weights that included pepper spray.

They are great to use when walking, though you have to have your hands free, which is hard with dogs. One for each hand. They put more oomph into the walk and let you burn more calories. They have a hand strap, too, where you can put your fingers through so you get a good grip on them. And they have pepper spray that goes into one of the weights, for self defense! No pepper spray is useful. And it’s pretty hidden in the hand weights. Anyone who might approach you wouldn’t even see it coming, which is a good thing.

I would recommend them, if you are looking for good hand walking weights!