Just a brief mention of the server change. It seems we had a bit of a hiccup for a while and Tip Tail was not displaying. Hopefully that is fixed and will remain so. As I go along and move the other blogs and sites I have to remember to keep checking the ones I have already moved, so that I haven’t screwed anything up! And, outgoing email isn’t working right, so you won’t be getting comment replies until that is worked out. Sorry!

Now about Lucy and Tatum… it seems Tatum is starting to really settle in, now. We’ve had her since the beginning of September 2007, and that collie girl is becoming a handful. She is sassy, typical of collie girls. And Lucy, too, is sassy. Lucy has been pack marm in our house since she arrived, even as a puppy.

Tatum, now, is challenging that.

And after four months, it usually takes that long for a dog to really relax, it’s coming out. I think I’m going to have to start up the NILIF program with her. She respects, me, though. But her and Lucy have been fighting. About food, mostly. And man, they hold grudges. They can be cranky at each other for an hour or so afterwards.

So we will have to keep them separate or supervised together for a while. Lucy is going to be 9 in February. As she ages, I’m sure Tatum will take her place. Sadly enough… I love Lucy and she is my baby girl. But such is life in the dog world.

So, as the dog world turns…. πŸ™‚