Yesterday we had a super long training day. It was fun. We went out to the barn. At first we did some agility, and Chase was so happy to be doing agility again! And Levi was, too! I want to work Levi’s weaves and he is doing really well. Hopefully he’ll weave this coming weekend at our AKC trial. I think he likes the cold weather better than the hot, so we’ll see how he does. Maybe we can get some legs towards his MJP and MXP.

Chase is also entered, and in the barn he did great. And I’m learning to run him, finally. We have to proof his weaves and his dog walk. He will pop the weaves if he sees a tunnel. And his dog walk is a bit slow. But that’s so much better than having attention problems!

Oh and I really need to get an ankle brace, dangit, for my ankle. Before the trial next weekend. Even just running yesterday, I can feel the ankle. Darnit. And maybe if I get a car spoiler, my car will go faster! We joke about that at work. 🙂

Anyway then we practiced some obedience. I really have to do more with Levi. He loves it. His signals are so good. I need to work his heeling. If he had good heeling and a closer recall, he’d have his CD easy. He is such a good smart boy.

Gonna bring Tatum to the trial on Saturday to see how she does, too. I hope she doesn’t get too stressed!