Wow it’s been since the end of October 2007 since we’ve been in an agility trial. I’m looking forward to this weekend. Chase and Levi are both in everything.. it’s AKC and they have FAST too. So six runs for me. Three each for them. I hope Levi will eave and have spunk… it’s colder, so he should be better. He doesn’t like the heat.

And I hope Chase will pay attention and watch me and we will have some good runs. We’ll see!

I bought an ankle brace last night. Running around with Tatum in the back yard has not been good for my sprained ankle. I don’t know if there is a really good ankle brace for running dog agility, so this is just a generic one. I hope it helps. My darn sprained ankle… gah. What a pain! It’s so hard to stay off it especially with fun dogs to work with!

I’m also bringing Tatum with for socialization. I’m planning only on bringing her Saturday. I shouldn’t bring her Sunday, will probably be stressful enough for just the one day.

Anyway, wish me luck!