Making videos is fun. I have done it a number of times. As you can see from my prior post, I have lots of dog videos and agility vidoes! I even bought a video camera in order to record my agility runs, and other dog sports runs, for memories and to critique my running style.

So anyway there is a fun site called YawpBox. Not only is it a social networking site, it is also a national TV show, and a national Radio Show. The TV Show gets all their content from the social networking site. Videos, people, etc. So, after you make your video, you can uploaded it to YawpBox, and it just may end up in front of thousands, or more, of people on TV! Are you brave enough to be on TV? I’m not sure I am…

It is very entertaining to see regular every day people in their videos. Sometimes I get tired of all the perfect actresses on TV. And it’s nice to see regular people on TV instead.

I think to really understand YawpBox you have to visit their website. There are categories you can upload your video too. And you can vote for videos as well. Vote for the ones you like! And you can vote for the ones you don’t like, too.

It’s a fun site!