Lucy Chewing a Bone After we got back from dog training yesterday doing obedience lessons… and after Tatum’s puppy class, the dogs all got some yummy Venison bones to chew on. Here is Lucy chewing, she is very happy!

Yesterday was a great training day. I am having major PMS and feeling like crap, but I was able to keep myself upbeat and take my time setting up and tearing down crates, and dealing with the dogs. I had fun once I got to my classes which I expected. Even when I’m down or not feeling well, training always lifts my spirits.

I was going to go to the Obedience Fun Match today and decided not too. Mostly because it was a stretch for me yesterday when I was feeling horrible. And, there is a winter storm warning for this afternoon and I don’t want to drive in the snow, it’s over 20 miles one way.

So I thought of looking at directbuy for some household items, since they offer merchandise at manufacturer-direct prices. But I think I’m going to stay home today and catch up on some blogging and dog training.

Chase is doing really well with his obedience practice. His heeling is doing well, and his go outs, and his articles. His recall, however, is a bit messed up. I discovered that when I call him on a recall, since we’ve been doing so many go-outs with him, that he goes right around me to check out the stantion to see if there is a treat on it! LOL my instructor says this is typical, thinking, border collie behavior. πŸ™‚ The smarty pants!

Levi is also doing great. He is more advanced than Chase and needs more work. I’m going to do a private or two with him so I can get him going for his CD. I think he’s almost ready if his front can be closer and his heeling a little more polished. And since it’s mostly heeling, that’s what is important.

I got a super compliment from my trainer today. She asked me if I would like for Levi to go to the AKC Invitationals for the collies. I would love him to go! I would have to Q him on a more consistent basis. But he is a great agility boy! He runs in preferred, though. We’d have to see about getting him back into 24″. Not sure if he’d like that too much.

My goal with Tatum is to get her into the AKC Invitationals. I think that’d be great, and as fast and as spunky as she is, I don’t see that we’d have a problem. Plus, there’s not too many collies that do agility. Not as many as border collies!

Anyway… so that was our day!