Fun Playing Well I’ve made a decision today. Usually my main agility venue focus is AKC. And the only reason that is, is because there are more AKC trials around me than any other venue. However, the other venues are getting more popular and there are more of them.

Plus, a few people now have commented to me that Chase would be a great USDAA dog. And so, I’m going to start entering him in USDAA trials.

Though my clip on earrings might fall off when I run him… so I should leave those at home. πŸ™‚ I am going to see about running him in USDAA. There is a local trial here in April I plan on entering him in.

Now.. I’ll have to hope that I don’t get sick. For some reason I seem to catch a cold during USDAA trials! I have done so now for 3 of them, I think. In four years. And I don’t like loosing money if I can’t go.

It was fun running him in Snooker and he does have a Snooker leg. I did run him at 22″ though, when I ran him. He measures 21.5″ when AKC judges measure him, which makes him jump 26″ in USDAA if I go for full height. And while I know he can jump that, it just seems so tall for him. We have never jumped that high and would have to practice it before hand.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing USDAA with Chase. Levi will stay home, he’s not really built for it, and I’m going to keep concentrating on his AKC. I may not enter Chase in AKC for a bit in the summer, as it’s very hard for me to run both dogs in the same trial because they are so different. But I’ve already entered them both in the February AKC trial, we’ll see how that goes.