I want address labels. It’s a weakness of mine… and I don’t know why because people just throw them away anyway. but I love having a little logo and have it look nice and fancy up on the left corner of the envelope.

I’ve bought address labels from Vista Print before, and probably will do so again. I’m almost out of the ones I have. And I love being able to customize them with the Utah Collie Rescue logo, or a picture of my dogs, or anything I feel like! Mailing Labels just look so nice and they are fun and so why not?

I have also purchased business cards from Vista Print, for Utah Dogs, and would love to get some for Utah Collie Rescue, too. I could have matching business cards and return address labels. I like to match. And I like to have things look nice and professional. And Vista Print does this, and they have good prices, too. Many of their business cards are free, you must have to pay for the shipping. I don’t remember how the address labels work, I will have to go and have a look.

So if you are interested in address labels, and they’ll put a picture of your dog, or any picture of your choice on them, you might want to check out Vista Print. 🙂