So.. there is a flyball seminar in Las Vegas in March. March 1, 2, 2008. I really want to go. I hear they are only about half full, so I sent my entrance fee for a working slot in today. Hopefully I’ll get one. I hope some of the other members of my club, the Thunder Paws, come too.

Instead of going to mover NYC, I’ll be going to Las Vegas.. yet again. Man, that city just calls to me all the dang time. I am going there so very often! But it’ll be fun. I really want to see how I can get a better box turn on Chase. More reliable in competition. And how to maybe speed him up a little bit. His fastest time was 4.7 seconds. And I would love to see him at 4.5 or maybe even below. I believe he is capable of it! He is a very fast boy. It’s the box turn that slows him down, I think.

The seminar is being given by Touch n Go. They keep winning the U-FLI nationals, and they have, I believe, the fastest U-FLI team. And man, they are fast. I saw them in the tournament I went to in Nevada last October.

So.. I hope I get in!