All Six It’s strange, teaching a dog how to play with humans. It’s so natural for them when they are puppies. But if it’s not nurtured and encouraged, appropriately, it can fade. Or if it has been a bad experience for them, they will avoid it.

Chase just naturally plays with people. And he loves tug. I didn’t have to teach him how to play. But Tatum… well, she knows how to play with other dogs, but she isn’t, still, quite sure how to play with me.

Today I was putting some dog toys a friend of mine made off the freezer, and onto a chair for a bit. Well Tatum thought it was a great pile and picked out her favorite and ran outside with it. First thing I think is great training and playing opportunity. So I go outside with her, but then all the other five dogs follow us out. So I get the toy, and bring Tatum downstairs and leave the rest upstairs.

She was still being playful so that was great. I squiggled the toy around and she chased it. I even threw it and she brought it back, because it’s more fun when it moves around. But she still won’t give a good grip on it and just full-out tug like Chase does! So we are working on that. Hopefully it’ll come!

She really is super fun to play with, that goofy collie girl.