So what is happening to Michael Vick’s pit bulls? I haven’t posted about Michael Vick here on Tip Tail… the whole story is sad and depressing. How anyone can fight dogs I just don’t understand. And to put them through such horrible ‘training,’ which is actually abuse, is beyond me. But then again I don’t even eat animals because I want no harm to come to them.

But now the good news about the dogs. PR Web has an Article (click here to read which links to that has some great videos on their front page about how 10 of the dogs are being rehabilitated and put into foster homes to learn how to live in a home and with people.

I love pit bulls. I fostered one for a short time, and she convinced me, beyond a doubt, that they are wonderful, amazing dogs. Strong willed, for sure, and also loving and sweet. But anyway, if you want some good news about these dogs, click the links above to read the good things about rescue.

The dogs might not need any Lillian Vernon coupons to get back on track, but that’s okay, they have a lot of help along the way!