Woo Hoo I got into the flyball seminar! I’m so excited. My flyball caption, of Thunderpaws here in Utah, is also sending off her entry. I hope she gets in, too. If she does we’ll drive down together.. such a saver on gas. And share a hotel room.

I wish I could bring Tatum… but I don’t think they’ll be room in the car for her. I hope she doesn’t get mad. I’ll ask and see but… I’m so silly. I want to take her everywhere and do everything with her. I just adore her! It’s so weird, I’ve never connected with a dog so quickly before. Ever in my life. And she’s not a sweet innocent docile thing, either.. she’s a brat! She has such a sassy attitude. I can’t give her up! So it’ll bug me more than her if she can’t go. And there will be other times she can go.

So anyway, the folk got my entry and I have a working slot. Yay! I can’t wait until March 1st and 2nd to go!

This coming weekend I’m going to the Clicker Expo in Los Angeles. That will be fun too. Wish I could take a dog. Hope I’m not repeating myself as I’m so bad at remembering what I’ve already said. 😉 Maybe I’ll leave home my chemises since the husband isn’t coming.