I went to practice obedience today at the closer by training facility. My obedience instructor is sick again! I feel bad for her, she gets sick way too much. I have been wanting to get sick lately… to have a few days off to sit in bed at home. But alas, to no avail, as I keep waking up feeling pretty good. 🙂

Anyway I went with a plan and having a plan is such a good thing. I really need to work on novice obedience exercises. Including heel and the recall. I mean really, the only things in novice are, really, heeling, stand for exam, and recall. Three separate heeling patterns. And its hard, too! Heeling is not an easy thing to teach a dog. There are a lot of parts. Levi and Chase are both coming along pretty well. I have to transition off the treat on the stick, and we worked on that.

Chase is learning to watch the stick with no treat, and he did pretty good. Levi also did good looking at the stick with no treat. And Tatum, well, she is learning about stick rules, which is a good thing!

We also worked recalls and Chase did good. I put a small box in front of me so they have a nice straight tight place to get the front. And both the boys did quite well. Saturday I was wondering if Chase would ever get into the obedience ring! But I think he will, it just takes a lot of time and patience.

Maybe by the time I’m in senior living is when Chase will be ready…. LOL I hope not that long! I’m hoping by the end of summer, but it will depend on his progress, of course. I won’t put him in before he’s ready. Actually, I will probably be overcautious and not put him in until quite late!