Muffit 2005 Our Muffit boy has been through too many changes. My husband has told me we are keeping him. Well, at least my husband can’t get mad at me for keeping a dog without me asking him! 🙂

I was looking through my old backed up pictures from my old server, and I found this picture of him. It was under the folder named Leopard. Which brings back more memories… he originally was named Leopard, and his family loved him enough to have this very nice picture taken of him. But they had to give him up, I don’t remember why, and he went to another home and was named Wheatie.

Then he came to us.. again I don’t remember why they couldn’t keep him. We fostered him, he went to the other home and they named him Shiloh… and they are the ones who dumped this sweet border collie boy at the Humane Society of Utah.

And back he is again with us. Don’t ask him how to lose weight because he is too good at it. He is still sick, and he doesn’t seem like he’s getting much better. Now we will keep him. His name will be Muffit. He has been moved around so much, the poor guy must be confused and miserable. He sleeps a lot, but he loved his walk this morning. He’ll learn flyball, and I’m sure he’ll love it. 🙂

As the poem says.. if you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you… then you should keep the darn pup! 😉