Chase is so much fun to run. 🙂 When we work together, and he pays attention. Today was great. We did AKC agility.

Our first run was Open Jumpers with Weaves. He did so well, he paid attention to me and turned and came when I wanted him too, and it was not an easy course. This judge is hard, but her courses are a fun challenge. Chase only had one refusal on the weaves which wasn’t bad. That’s his second Open JWW leg. One more for his title.

Standard wasn’t so good. I don’t even remember now what we did, but we missed some things. He’s in Excellent A Standard now. I was happy with the run though he did a good job.

Then Chase ran in Open FAST. Oh. My. Gosh. It was an awesome run. The send was HARD! It was tunnel, weave, tunnel, and quite a distance, too. And as soon as he entered the tunnel I was yelling ‘WEAVE!’ and so he nailed the weave entry, finished them all (which is hard for him when a tunnel is after the weaves) and then hit that second tunnel. Wow! He was one of only two dogs that Q’d in that whole class! I was thrilled. So was the other woman who Q’d! We celebrated. LOL. Chase even picked up 79 points (out of 80)!

So I’m proud of Chase this weekend. He did great. That’s his open FAST title so I moved him to Excellent FAST tomorrow. He’s great at fast, his distance handling is nice, and we can just point collect. 😉

Levi’s runs weren’t so good. Well, they were good, but just one mistake each run again. ugh. Actually, I think maybe more than one today. But it was a great day all around! We had fun!

Tatum came with too, and she was very nervous. It was a place she had never been before. But that’s okay, she needs to come to different places to get used to them.

So now I’m tired and I need to go to sleep! It was a long day.