I love wikis. Wikis fascinate me because everyone can update them. And that means less work for me! LOL. Well, that is, if anyone else participates. Which no one else has done yet, but hopefully in time others will begin to participate.

So I’m getting the whole thing set up on my own. I know it’s hard to start things like this, and other people don’t know how to get pages going, so hopefully as I get pages built other people will chip in and add information and participate.

And I didn’t want to maintain the software myself, so I found Wikia, and set up a dog wiki for Utah. So check it out if you are interested…

Utah Dogs Wiki!

And here is the Flyball Page.. as it stands so far:

Utah Wiki Flyball

And you don’t have to be in Utah to edit or add pages. Go for it! I’ll be watching! Maybe from some theater seating, but I’ll be watching!