Just a quick update on Lucy. She is doing okay. She is pretty low energy, and I do think she is lower energy than she has been before. And the swelling in her legs comes and goes. I hope it doesn’t hurt her or make her uncomfortable.

She and I have been talking a lot.. before bed, or in the mornings. She likes to come and lay on me and we have a nice chat, ear rubs, and ear licks. I do the chatting, she does the licking, and I do the rubbing. She is such a good girl I want her to be happy and healthy for as long as possible. She is slowing down, but she still seems pretty happy for now. Let’s hope it stays that way.

One of the things I fear most is regrets. I have regrets about Kip my shepherd mix… I wanted to give him more, spend more time with him, and I feel bad that I dragged him with me from bad relationship to bad relationship. But he was always there for me. And I feel bad that I made him go lay down too much instead of snuggling with him. He panted so much, it was an annoying habit of his.. but I loved him, pant and all.

So I am afraid of having regrets with my current dogs after they die. I think I just have to have confidence that all my dogs have had good lives, and they are loved and they have given me more than I can even have hoped to give them. I love them all. I love Lucy, she is my heart girl, and she will always have a big piece of my heart.