I am just burned out with Rescue. Seriously. I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to stay home with my dogs and entirely ignore the overpopulation issue, all the tens of thousands of dogs that die every year because people don’t understand them, expect them to humans in suits, and abandon them.

It’s a horrible problem. It’s all over the stupid country. And all the good things that all the good rescues are doing seem like a tiny dent in the overall huge metal monster that it is. But we can’t take any more dogs into our home. At seven, we are packed. At six we are packed. At four we were okay and could do a foster or two. But at seven we cannot take anymore. Even at six, or at five, we wouldn’t be able to take anymore.

So I want to ignore the problem now, I want to bury my head in the sand, and pretend it’s not there. I want to work with my own dogs and love them and focus on them. I want to get Tony into a home, or a foster home. We are overwhelmed and overstressed. I have our used cisco router maxed, with all the internet stuff I do for rescue.

I won’t ignore the problem. I can’t. It’s too prevalent and anyone that has any dealing with dogs even in a very small way knows about it. The problem is there. It’s talked about. We have to be aware of it. And I’ll continue to talk about it, and be aware of it, and push rescue instead of breeding. But maybe, in my house full of happy dogs, maybe here where it’s safe and cozy and there is so much love and joy, maybe here we can ignore the problem and just be happy with who we have.