Seminar Camp Oh my gosh. Did I say, in my last post, that I had a great time at the Flyball Seminar given by Touch n Go? Well, it was beyond great. The seminar was wonderful. The Team Members that gave the seminar were phenomenal. They were all friendly and supportive and very tactful. I admit, I thought maybe they would be snobby, but they were not at all! Wonderful people!

We learned so much, and over the next few days I hope to post more about it. I am dead tired and have to get some work done. And I have to let the information seep into my brain too so I can digest it. Maybe I’ll need medicare part d to get through all the information in my brain!

This is a picture of our camp setup. JRTs in the high crates. I had the little one up top taken down toward the end of the day, he was making me nervous up there!