I’m working from home today.. sitting on the couch upstairs, doing my thing.. and the Husband comes up from the basement and plops Tatum, and her toy, into the living room and closes the baby gate.

The rest of the dogs are snoozing comfortably, but not our crazy Tatum Tot girl. Nope.. she starts whipping the toy around, killing it, and running around the front room.

Well.. it’s just about break time right? And it’s always a good idea to snag a training opportunity!

Tatum is not too hot on toys so, I think, I gotta encourage this. And none of the other dogs are playing with her… so I gotta encourage her playing with me. So I set the laptop down and get on the floor with her. She loves it when I drag the toy around and she chases it… so we did that. And she got a hold of the knot in the middle (it’s a rope toy) and gave me a good game of tug! This is great! She is not a big tugger though she has the potential to be. So we tugged and chased… then went in the bedroom for some more, and she got all squiggly and runny so we went into the back yard and ran around there too for a while!

I do want to grab any opportunity I can to get her to play tug with a toy. And a real dog toy.. not my clothes or hands or plastic bottles or any other thing that she really shouldn’t have. 🙂 And so I think it was a success!

Now back to work… oh I’d rather play with Tatum some more!