I love our house. We have a great little house… yes it is only 1300 square feet. How do we fit 7 big dogs in 1300 square feet, you may ask? LOL well we do an okay job. We have a basement that is our TV room with lots of dog beds (though usually you’ll find the dogs on the couch). I do wish our rooms were bigger, though… and sometimes I toy with the idea of getting a bigger house, but I don’t want to get a new mortgage.

The current mortgage crises is interesting to me. Getting Commercial Mortgages was quite easy, even if you didn’t have the credit, or the funds… but now, I hear, it’s getting more difficult. Having dogs, I needed to buy a house, as I couldn’t find a rental that would allow me to have the dogs I have. But if you get a mortgage, be responsible. Don’t get more than you can pay for. Our mortgage should be paid off in two years, and I am thrilled. Then I can really pay for all my dog sports!