Well, Levi and Chase won lots of ribbons this weekend. Today Levi got 3 out of 4 runs. And Chase got 1.. and he was very close on his others, too. Levi does so awesome. He would have had that standard run, too, but he was in a good mood and ran off to do a jump I didn’t send him too. But I actually like that it means he is having good forward focus and he’s having fun!

Chase also did good. I took some pictures but I’m too lazy to go upstairs and get the camera, so I’ll post them up tomorrow. Or maybe tonight after I go and feed the dogs. It’s just about dinner time and all the dogs are hungry.. of course. Though Chase, Levi and Tatum are pretty pooped and are all sleeping already. πŸ™‚

Levi is so much fun to run. I’m starting to wrap my brain around running Levi and Chase at different trials. I am seriously considering going with some friends to a USDAA trial in May. I probably won’t go to the Blackfood Idaho 4 day trial if I do. The May USDAA is in Colorado, and splitting gas and hotel would make it cheaper than Blackfoot. I’d only take Chase, too.

Hrm… Well, I’m very tired, and the dogs are hungry!