A friend of mine told me about some dog podcasts to listen too… and finally I downloaded a podcast receiver and checked them out.

Currently I’m listening to Canine Campus, and the podcast on Calming Signals.. yes, from Turid Rugaas, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

She talkes about how dogs may freeze as one of their signs of being stressed. This is Chase. If a dog gets too close, he will freeze, and I know I have to get that other dog away from him.

I listen to talk radio all day… and I got the podcast reader so I could listen to Radio West, as it’s a show I enjoy and usually don’t listen to because I’m not online when it airs.

I’m also trying out Good Dog, though I haven’t listened to any yet. I wonder if there are any employee performance evaluations podcasts? Hrm…

Know of any good dog podcasts?